Review Policy

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The AJC is a multidisciplinary journal covering all facets of cancer care and treatment. The journal publishes original manuscripts that represent advances in cancer care and treatment. Manuscripts can be case studies, review articles, research articles, communication on new techniques, methods and treatment modalities and communication on social and psychological aspects of cancer care and treatment.

Manuscripts should be original and will be review based upon:

-        Originality;

-        Importance to researchers or practitioners in cancer treatment and care;

-        Interest for researchers or practitioners outside the field;

-        Rigorous methodology with substantial evidence for its conclusions;

-        Research conducted to high ethical standards as stipulated in submission guidelines.

Submitted manuscripts will be assigned to an editor dependent upon geographical locality and field of specialty. If a paper meets the criteria as specified above, is within the scope of the journal and  meets minimum quality as determined by the chief editor and regional editor, the manuscript will be submitted for peer review. Once peer review has been processed, the editors will make a decision which will be communicated to the author.

 Recommendations from review include:

-          Manuscript accepted without changes;

-          Manuscript accepted with minor revisions;

-          Manuscript decision deferred until major revision;

Manuscript not accepted. Editors will access the reviewer’s comments before forwarding to the authors. To assist the editors in the review process, the journal asks reviewers to provide as much information about the manuscript as possible. This includes information and reasons why the manuscript should be accepted or not accepted. If discrepancies between two reviewers exist, the editor will consult both reviewers for a consensus. The editor will make the final decision regarding reviewers comments,.

If an author disagrees with reviewers’ comments they are invited to outline their reasons in a detailed reply to the reviewers’ comments.  A decision will made after consultation with the chief and regional editor. A reviewer may be asked by the journal for additional comments regarding the review in assisting editors reach a decision.

The journal recognises the dedicated effort and work associated with the peer-review process and is appreciative of the time and energy invested by AJC’s reviewers.

Reviewer Selection

The journal decides on reviewers for a manuscript based upon factors including expertise, location, and the chief and regional editor’s knowledge of a reviewer.

The AJC is committed to fostering research and academic advancement within the Austral-Asian region. The AJC encourages emerging researchers and scientists to contact the AJC in assisting review. The AJC will provide assistance and mentorship to reviewers if requested. If a reviewer indicates that they are an emerging researchers or scientist, the manuscript will also be sent to another reviewer, the emerging researcher or scientist will have the opportunity to read the other reviewers comments.