Basic Principles of Cancer Care: From the Cancer Patients' Perspective

Issue: Vol.4, No.2 - April 2005

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Article Type: Manuscript

  1. Prof Sigridur Halldorsdorttir
    PhD (Med. Dr.)
    Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Akureyri

What is the essential in professional cancer care from the patient's perspective? The beginning of a new millennium is a good time to analyze and discuss some of the basic principles of cancer care in the light of research conducted from the patient's perspective since it is logical to presume that the best informant about the patient is the patient. In this chapter I will, firstly, emphasize the importance of the health professional acknowledgement of the existential suffering involved in the cancer experience. Secondly, I will analyse and discuss cancer patient /health professional relations and encounters from the cancer patient's perspective and the cancer patient's need for professional caring involving competence, caring and connection. Thirdly, I will emphasize the need for professional wisdom, as a key ingredient in professional cancer care from the cancer patient's perspective. Finally, I will discuss the ethical principles of cancer care, especially the need to honor the dignity of each person who is a cancer patient. In this paper I will argue that these are the four basic principles of professional cancer care as seen in the light of research conducted from the cancer patient's perspective.

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