Retroperitoneal Sarcomatoid Variant of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: A Case Report

Issue: Vol.8, No.4 - October 2009

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Article Type: Manuscript

  1. Dr H Amanguno
    Dept. of Pathology, Kuwait Cancer Control Centre
  2. R Alabdulghani
  3. P Munish
  4. A Ali

Extra-nodal, extra-cutaneous, and retroperitoneal spindle cell B cell lymphoma is a rare lesion, potentially to be misdiagnosed as a sarcoma. We describe a 65 year old man who presented with a retroperitoneal tumour mass, clinically suspected to be a sarcoma, also with a histologic sarcomatoid appearance on morphology and CD79a+, CD20+, MUM1+, bcl6+ immunophenotype. In contrast to other reports, the immunohistochemical analysis indicated a spindle cell B cell lymphoma of non-germinal centre origin with normal lactate dehydrogenase level and good response to therapy.

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